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Divorce Day 2023

Today 9th January 2023, marks “divorce day” in the United Kingdom.  Divorce day is the first Monday people are back at work following the Christmas holidays.  It is the day that most people contact a solicitor to discuss divorcing their spouse.

Facts and figures


These are sobering statistics, but you are not a statistic.  Your set of circumstances are as unique as you are.  At MacBeath Family Law we strive to provide a tailored service to each of our clients so they can rest assured that they are getting the best possible advice as it pertains to their individual situation.  There is not one solution for each couple and the priorities of each party to the divorce can be varied and change throughout the process.

We aim to help our clients navigate these changing priorities and achieve the best outcome for them.

If you are considering separating from your spouse you should seek independent legal advice.  You should talk to a professional about the process and what steps you should take to protect your interests. 

Making rash decisions, saying things in anger and storming out of the house/relationship are among some of the worst things you can do when splitting up with your spouse.  It is unrealistic to think it will be perfectly amicable and you will both politely decide to go your separate ways but lashing out in anger and blaming the other person are guaranteed to make the entire divorce process more messy, more prolonged and ultimately more expensive.  Good advice when you are considering your options can help lower the chances of this happening.

It is true that some couples can separate and divorce with relatively little animosity, but those parties still need to take independent legal advice.  Simply because you trusted your spouse to look after your best interests during your marriage does not mean you can expect them to do that during your separation and divorce.  It is more likely that you will remain amicable if you both feel that you have had the right advice and are fully aware of your options.  This will stop you second guessing decisions you take throughout the process.

As always, the purpose of this blog is to provide an overview of the options available in Scotland and should not be relied upon as legal advice.  You should always obtain specialist legal advice about your own circumstances.  Please call 0131 5818 652 or email to arrange an appointment. 

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