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MacBeath Family Law can prepare agreements on your instructions or check an agreement which has been prepared by a solicitor acting for the other party and sent to you for signature.


Pre-nuptial Agreement

This is an agreement which is negotiated and signed prior to marriage.  It is not only for big Hollywood stars, it is for anyone who wishes to protect the assets they have built up prior to marriage.  This agreement sets out what assets each party has prior to marriage and in the event of separation how financial matters will be dealt with.

Post-nuptial Agreement

This is an agreement which is negotiated and signed during the course of a marriage.  Parties do not intend to separate and may simply wish to clarify how a particular asset is to be dealt with in future.  Alternatively the parties may have not had time to execute a pre-nuptial agreement prior to marriage and now wish to have an agreement in place.

Cohabitation Agreement

This is an agreement between two people who plan to live together but do not intend to get married.  It can set out how the property they will live in was purchased, how the finances will operate during the cohabitation and how finances will be regulated if the parties stop living together.

Minute of Agreement for contact/residence of children

This is an agreement which regulates a child’s living arrangements.  It is usually put in place when the child’s parents are not in a relationship and the child’s time needs to be split between them.  This agreement can be as detailed as necessary about the child’s life.  It is vital to remember with this type of agreement as the child grows and circumstances change throughout their lives, the agreement needs to be flexible to ensure it is still useful and relevant in the future.

Separation Agreement

This is an agreement which is negotiated and signed following the break of up a relationship where there are financial matters to be resolved.  The agreement can cover any type of break up but is usually put in place prior to parties divorcing or dissolving their partnership.  It regulates the parties financial matters and set out how the care of the parties children will be managed.

If you require any advice on or assistance in the preparation of an agreement please do not hesitate to contact us at MacBeath Family Law.

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