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Boutique family law firm offering a tailored and personal service, based in Edinburgh covering the whole of Scotland.

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Find out your rights whether you are separating or getting a divorce.

Find out your rights in relation to your child.

We can help if you are considering adopting a child.

Whether you wish to apply for a guardianship order or oppose one we can help.

We can prepare or check all Minutes of Agreements.  

Whether you wish to relocate with your child or you need advice on preventing relocation we can help.

Find out your rights when you are living with a partner.

Find out your rights if you have been detained under the Mental Health Act. 

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At MacBeath Family Law we understand that each client's situation is as individual as they are.  We know there is no one size fits all solution for the challenges they face that is why at MacBeath Family Law we tailor our legal skills to focus on how to assist our clients achieve the best outcome for them. 

We assist our clients in identifying their priorities and provide clear concise advice to help them get the best possible result.  


We pride ourselves on being transparent, succinct and sharing our knowledge with our clients.  We believe that providing our clients with knowledge and empowering them with information gives them a greater sense of participation in the process.  It enables them to take informed decisions about each step of their case.  We want our clients to feel capable of making important decisions and providing us with clear instructions so we work together as a team towards securing the best outcome possible for them and their families. 

Whilst we enjoy appearing in court and appreciate that sometimes this is the only way to resolve matters, we also try to promote negotiation and compromise to achieve the most cost-effective result for our clients.   

Our aim is to ensure all clients feel listened to, valued and understood.  It is our job to make other people involved in their case, the other party, the Sheriff and the tribunal understand their position and assure they are taken seriously. 

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Caroline MacBeath


Caroline MacBeath is the Director of MacBeath Family Law.  Caroline completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Aberdeen in 2002. After completing a Masters degree in Holland and a period working for the European Commission, Caroline worked as a legal secretary while her son was growing up.  In 2010 Caroline returned to university to complete her Diploma in Legal Practice.  She qualified as a solicitor in 2013 after completing a traineeship exclusively focused on court work. 


Caroline has worked in law firms throughout Fife and Edinburgh and has represented clients in most of the Sheriff Courts in Scotland.  She has specialised in family law and mental health law throughout her career. 


Caroline deals with all aspects of Family Law including contact and residence disputes, child relocation, financial provision on divorce and dissolution of civil partnerships. Caroline has extensive experience, appearing regularly in the Sheriff Court and instructing Counsel in Court of Session actions. 


Caroline has a keen focus on mental health issues appearing regularly in the Guardianship Court in Edinburgh Sheriff Court.  She has represented clients at Mental Health Tribunals throughout Fife and Edinburgh. 


Caroline is keen to use her legal knowledge and understanding of the court system to assist others. 

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your questions answered


Fixed Fees

We can offer fixed fees for some of our services.  All fixed fees include VAT and standard outlays for that piece of work.

Initial Meeting 

An initial meeting of up to one hour with a follow up letter of advice setting out your options on how to progress with no obligation to instruct us to carry out further work if you chose not to proceed.


Checking an Agreement

We can check a Minute of Agreement which has been prepared by a different solicitor for your signature before you sign it.  We will provide you with detailed advice on whether you should sign or not.


Drafting an Agreement

We can draft an agreement on your behalf.  The fee depends on the type of agreement and its complexity.  A fixed fee within the range below, based on your circumstances will be provided at the outset of the work

£1,400 to £2,000

Simplified Divorce/Dissolution

We can prepare a simplified divorce application if you have resolved your finances and you do not have children under 16 years old.  The variation in fee is dependent on the length of separation.

£495 or £695

Undefended Ordinary Divorce/Dissolution

If you have resolved the financial matters and the matters pertaining to any children but those children are under 16 years old you require to submit an writ to the Sheriff Court for divorce.  If this will not be defended by your spouse or civil partner we can offer a fixed fee.

£1,400 or £1,600

Notarising Documents

If you need to sign a document in front of a Notary Public such as an affidavit or a simplified divorce application we can assist of the fixed fee below.


Please contact us to arrange a convenient time to discuss your situation further.

Edinburgh Skyline MFL.jpg


Family Law


Tel:  0131 581 8652

1 St Colme Street, Edinburgh, EH3 6AA

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To request a call back, please fill in the following contact form:

Thank you for your enquiry, we will be in touch shortly

Opening Hours

We are open from 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday.

We offer evening appointments on Wednesdays.

We are happy to meet face to face or by video conference, simply let us know which you prefer.

Clinic Appointments

We also offer a free online clinic so you can ask a specific question about family law or mental health law.  The clinic provides you with an appointment for 20 minutes to discuss your question. 

There is no charge for this meeting.  

This clinic operates on the last Tuesday of each month (subject to change due to court commitments).

If you would like an appointment at the clinic please use the Book Now button see available appointments or complete the contact us form above and insert "clinic" in the subject box.


Upcoming Events

Coffee Chats

A small confidential, informal afternoon setting with coffee and nibbles - there will be no legalese or jargon - just expert knowledge and coaching


A quick and easy way of getting free expert advice.

Usual format is 30 minutes of information and thereafter 30 minutes for questions and answers.

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